Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery

facereFacèré Jewelry Art Gallery, 1420 Fifth Avenue in Seattle,  presents an exhibition  on view through April 3 of contemporary jewelry by Quebecois artist Janis Kerman. A practicing jeweler for over forty-five years, Janis Kerman is notable for her subtle mastery of asymmetry, balance, texture, color, and negative space. As each piece she creates is one-of-a-kind, her work is in constant evolution.She designs and fabricates in her coach house turned studio in Québec. Drawings and sketches are central to her creative practice. Each piece is 1in design and in materials, often featuring rare and unusual stones that Janis has sought out or commissioned. “There is a symbiotic relationship between fine art and all forms of design – a conceptual fluidity where influences may move freely between disciplines promoting exchange and evolution. I am inspired by the form, colors and textures of objects both artistic and common:  architecture, furniture, paintings, ceramics, fashion…My work is based on geometric shapes. Balance rather than symmetry.” -Janis Kerman Photo credit: Dale Gould www.facerejewelryart.com