First Thursday Art Walk in Seattle Opening Shows for February

abmeyerAbmeyer + Wood Fine Art Gallery,  1210 Second Avenue, opens from 5-8pm hosting their first exhibition with sculptor, Oben Abright. Abright’s complicated process begins by sculpting live models in clay. The clay sculptures are then often fitted with clothing, but this is just the beginning as these clay sculptures are sacrificed to create molds which will then be filled with blown glass. After cooling Abright finishes the work by hand-painting them with oil paint and burnishing windows on the surface, allowing them to fill with light. Shown: Lynsey Torso (Ruby)

Denise Stolte-Reinisch’s “Vaporous Landscapes” opens at the Bryan Ohno Gallery, 521 S. Main Street, from 6-8pm. Stolte-Reinisch’s  paintings are striking  examples of  the  artist’s  remarkable  ability to capture the  essence of  her subject  matter,  whether  they be real or  imagined landscapes.

davidsonDavidson Galleries, 313 Occidental Avenue S., opens for First Thursday with four exhibits.  One of these is from Michael Kempson.  Following a 2011 residency at Sydney’s majestic Taronga Zoo, Michael Kempson found inspiration in the stuffed animals arranged along the shelves of the gift shop. His latest work, Child’s Play (2016/17), is a panel installation of 50 iconic etchings depicting invented toy creatures representing nation states, each identified by their three-letter ISO country code.

Gallery I|M|A, 123 S., Jackson, presents a group exhibition highlighting one-of-a-kind works on paper, in which mark-making is not limited to pen or brush, but emerges from alterative process and material.  While some artists craft homemade tools, forge lines with needle and thread, or employ sgraffito techniques, others utilize layered space or the nature of gravity.  The show opens from 6-8pm.

For her ninth solo exhibition at Linda Hodges Gallery , 316  First Avenue S., is showing Seattle mixed-media artist Daphne Minkoff who continues her exploration of layered, collaged surfaces combined with photographic imagery of decaying buildings and other artifacts of the urban environment. Minkoff finds unconventional beauty through disparate elements, and her work is a unique balance in the mundane and poetic, abstract and realistic, bucolic and gritty.

prographicaPrographica /KDR Gallery, 313 Occidental Avenue S., presents Los Angeles artist Sandow Birk’s eighth solo exhibition at Koplin Del Rio. This will mark the artist’s first exhibition in Seattle. MONUMENTAL, will include a selection of works from the artist’s iconic series: Imaginary Monuments, American Qur’an, and the debut of print works Trumpagruel and American Procession made in collaboration with Elyse Pignolet. Birk’s work comments on many facets of contemporary life, which develop into expansive, multi-media projects. With an emphasis on social issues, frequent themes of his past work have included inner city violence, graffiti, political figures, travel, war, and prisons, as well as his background in surfing and skateboarding.

ston Stonington Gallery , 125 S. Jackson Street, kicks off the 2018 year of exhibitions with young contemporary  Inupiaq/Yup’ik artist  Drew Michael, fresh off of winning a major national grant and a year of travel, study and creation. Michael sculpts mask-forms that draw on his Alaskan Native heritage, his queer identity, his interests in chakra and indigenous healing, fashion and history, and his religious upbringing.

traverTraver Gallery, 110 Union Street, presents  “LIQUID / ROPE / COILING,” a solo exhibition of  experimental works in glass by Texas based artist, Justin Ginsberg. The exhibition presents drawings, video and glass relics from Ginsberg’s innovative explorations conducted over the past seven years during residencies at The Museum of Glass, Tacoma WA, S12 Studios, Bergen Norway, as well as at the Toyama Institute of Glass, Japan, and at the Pilchuck Glass School. Confronting the anticipated limit of what a material can withstand, often through violent and cataclysmic interaction, the results exist on a more visceral than logical level.

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