Mighty Tacoma: Photographic Portrait 2010 at Tacoma Art Museum

“Mighty Tacoma: Photographic Portrait 2010,” an exhibit celebrating the 75 years Tacoma has supported the Tacoma Art Museum, is on view at the museum through April 24. Organized by Tacoma Art Museum , the exhibit will fill the gallery with the faces and places of Tacoma and will include interactive components that allow everyone to share their portraits and photographs of the City of Destiny. Visitors will be able to pose for a portrait taken by artists-in-residence. Those images then become part of the exhibition in a digital portrait collection in the gallery.  “One of our goals with “Mighty Tacoma “is to offer a moment to consider our city as a treasure and a source of pride,” says Rock Hushka, Curator of Northwest and Contemporary Art. “The recent photographs will document the people and terrain of the city of 2010 for future generations.”

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