Seattle First Thursday Art Walk in May New Shows

 artxArtXchange Gallery, 512 1st. Avenue S., presents an exhibition featuring three popular Seattle painters with highly distinctive styles: Jazz Brown, Jonathan Wakuda Fischer and Gabriel Marquez. Exhibiting together for the first time, as well as creating several unique collaborative painting, the artists make connections between the fields of futurist philosophy and metaphysics in a timely examination of humanity’s future. The exhibition,Singularity Now,” opens on First Thursday Seattle from 5-8pm. Shown at the left: Jonathan Wakuda Fischer, Behind the Digital Veil.

Bryan Ohno Gallery, 521 S. Main Street, welcomes Travis Pond’s creations in a reception from 6-8pm. In “Tooling the Hearts” humanity is tangible, as we peer into each heart to see what tools keep it beating. Every heart is uniquely hand welded and polished with a metallic shine, while retaining the character of each original piece coming together to create its shape.



Opening from 6-8pm, Foster/White Gallery, 220 3rd. Avenue S., presents Tom Burrows’ “An Ineffable Presence.” . With over forty years experience working in cast pigmented polymer resin, Burrows boasts an expertise and intimacy with the material that is evident in the subtle tonal shifts and extraordinary thinness of his resin. "The medium is the message," he says. Burrows has had solo exhibitions in London, Tokyo, Berlin, New York, and across Canada.



frederickIn celebration of Seattle’s inaugural “Upstream Music Fest + Summit 2017” and the gallery’s appointment as a “VIP Venue, Frederick Holmes and Company, 309 Occidental Avenue S., presents “4 On The Floor,” a contemporary group exhibition featuring works by Carlos Barberena, Lyle Carbajal, Tony Fitzpatrick and Mark T. Smith.. At approximately 7:15 during the opening, Mr. Barberena will be conducting a demonstration of his linocut printmaking technique. Musical Entertainment By The Koto Jazz Trio will entertain. Shown at the right: Untitled by Lyle Carbajal.



Gallery IMA, 123 S. Jackson Street, features new paintings from Seattle artist Margaret Watson.  Watson’s work demonstrates a balancing act between intention and opportunity using shape, color and texture. The opening is from 6-8pm.



Greg Kucera Gallery, 212 Third Ave. S., is currently showing “Basic Techniques of Photography” by Joe Rudko and  Daniel Carillo’s “Studio Visit.”



Harris/Harvey Gallery, 1915 First Avenue, opens from 6-8pm with Emily Wood’s “Wandering Down the Road.”  For over two decades, Wood has painted thick forest groves of the Northwest, sun-bleached hills of the Palouse, moving east to explore Idaho’s lakes and Montana’s expansive skies. Her work can be found in the collections of Seattle University’s Sullivan Law Center, Merrill Lynch, Seattle Cancer Alliance, UW Medical Center, and Tacoma Art Museum as well as in private collections.



Juan Alonso Studio, 306 S. Washington, Studio 104, welcomes Lisa Myers Bulmash to the Front Room Gallery in a reception from 5-8pm. Through her art, Bulmash tells stories about family as a way to create an imaginative sanctuary for the viewer.



Linda Hodges Gallery, 316 First Avenue S., opens from 6-8pm with “Hrisey and Back,” an exhibition of work by Seattle artist Jennifer Beedon Snow who continues her exploration of the suburban landscape; this time including work inspired by a 2016 artist residency in Iceland.



“Words and Tides,” work by Sharon and Bill Grader, is showing at the Lynn Hanson Gallery, 312 S. Washington Street. Sharon is an encaustic artist, combining abstracts with words, and Bill is a woodworker.



“Spring Visions” opens from 5-7pm  at Path with Art, 312 2nd. Avenue S. The show consists of student artwork in a wide variety of mediums. Path with Art transforms the lives of people recovering from homelessness, addiction, and other trauma by harnessing the power of creative engagement as a bridge to community and a path to stability.



prographicaNew paintings by Kathy Liao will be on view in her solo show, “Lingering Presence,opening from 6-8pm at Prographica/KDR Gallery, 313 Occidental Avenue S. The artist says, “These paintings are a record of an experience, a feeling. In a familiar space, both the presence and the absence of the figure are equally palpable. A portrait may begin with the person sitting in front of me or a transient smile over FaceTime, and all that might get buried under layers of painted recollection of how the sun felt the day he sat there.  My mixed media work is painted from observations, layered with sharp and hazy memories and recorded snapshot photos. With each painting, I am constantly re-establishing my relationship with the subject matter, being especially conscious of my physical and emotional distance." Shown: Kathy Liao, So Close and So Far.



stoningStonington Gallery, 125 S. Jackson Street, opens from 6-8pm with “Salish Sound Waves: A Group Exhibit of Cutting-Edge Indigenous Visual Artists, featuring artists who use motion, music, pop and graphic art sensibilities, vibrant color and an urban edge in their work to convey the cultures, environment and contemporary spirit of the Northwest. Included in this exhibit are artists at the forefront of formline expression. Ronnie Fairbanks (Tlingit/Ts’msyen/Ojibwe) also makes a gallery debut with this exhibit, in the form of custom-painted skate decks. The exhibit debuts new work by Marvel comics artist/author Jeffrey Veregge (Port Gamble S’Klallam). Shown: Custom skate decks by Ronnie Fairbanks (Tlingit/Ts’msyen/Ojibwe)


May show at ZINC contemporary, 119 Prefontian Pl S. in Pioneer Square, is Dirty Laundry”  by Layne Kleinart. She painted this series using natural pigments such as coffee and beet juice on second-hand bed linens seeking to explore the transient nature of innocence on memory in gestural paintings. The opening reception will be held on May 4, 5-8pm during Pioneer Square’s First Thursday Art Walk.

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