Seattle First Thursday in June Art Walk

artxArtXchange Gallery, 512 1st. Avenue S., presents an exhibition featuring three popular Seattle painters with highly distinctive styles: Jazz Brown, Jonathan Wakuda Fischer and Gabriel Marquez. Exhibiting together for the first time, as well as creating several unique collaborative painting, the artists make connections between the fields of futurist philosophy and metaphysics in a timely examination of humanity’s future. The exhibition,Singularity Now,” opens on First Thursday Seattle from 5-8pm. Shown at the left: Jonathan Wakuda Fischer, Behind the Digital Veil.


davidsonDavidson Galleries, 313 Occidental Avenue S, welcomes back printmakers, old and new, to their second Japanese printmaking invitational. This exhibition features prints from over thirty emerging and established artists who are living and working in Japan. The reception is from 6-8pm, and the exhibition is on view through July 1. Image to the right.




Foster/White Gallery, 220 3rd. Avenue S., presents photographs by Joshua Jensen-Nagle. Best known for dreamy beaches and romantic European vistas, Jensen-Nagle’s scenes of faraway places speak to the viewer’s own sense of idyllic nostalgia.  The reception is from 6-8pm.



Opening fro 6-8pm at Gallery IMA, 123 S. Jackson Street, is Bill Baber’s “Moments of Attention.” Baber creates vibrant paintings and mixed media sculptures utilizing bronze, copper, glass, and marble.


Harris/Harvey Gallery, 1901 First Avenue, present an exhibition featuring David W. Simpson and Kathryn Altus,   two Seattle-based artists who interpret the landscape and legacy of the West. On view through July 1, the show opens from 6-8pm’’.



Linda Hodges Gallery, 316 First Avenue S., opens from 6-8pm with Gaylen Hansen’s new paintings and select work from the past. Represented by Hodges since  1988, Hansen’s paintings are in numerous public and private collections in the United States, and he has received several prestigious awards, including the Flintridge Foundation Awards for Visual Artists in 2001. From 1985 to 1987, an exhibition and accompanying book, “Gaylen Hansen: The Paintings of a Decade, 1975-85,” traveled to Washington State University, Seattle Art Museum, The Pennsylvania State University Museum of Art, San Jose Museum of Art, and Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery.



prographicaNew paintings by Kathy Liao will be on view on First Thursday from 6-8pm in her continuing solo show, “Lingering Presence,” at PROGRAPHICA/KDR Gallery, 313 Occidental Avenue S. The artist says “ With each painting, I am constantly re-establishing my relationship with the subject matter, being especially conscious of my physical and emotional distance."  Shown at the left: Kathy Liao, Scrolling Up and Down.


stonington“Masters of Disguise III: Group Mask Exhibition” opens in a reception from 6-8pm at the Stonington Gallery, 125 S. Jackson Street. The exhibition continues to explore the tradition and innovation of mask-making on the Northwest Coast. Contemporary sculptors, painters and jewelers will bring their perspectives to bear on the act of hiding, disguising, transforming and storytelling, resulting in a collection of masks that tell us about our history, our present, and our future. Shown at the right: Stan Hunt (Kwagiulth) Cannibal Raven Mask.


traverTraver Gallery, 110 Union Street, opens from 5-8pm with “body” by Doug Jeck. In this exhibition, Jeck features twelve strikingly austere unglazed terracotta busts, each one paired with a soundtrack of a humming human voice. With these heads he portrays the notion and phenomenon of body as a collective entity, i.e. body politic, body of evidence, body of knowledge, body of Christ, parent body, corporate body, student body, clay body, etc. His work is found in numerous private and public collections including: The Johnson Wax Collection, The Los Angeles County Museum, The Smithsonian Renwick Gallery of American Art, The Mint Museum, The Tacoma Art Museum, The Seattle Art Museum, The Gardiner Museum of Art, and the Virginia A. Groot Foundation.



Lydia Bassis writes love letters of abstraction "To The Ocean" in her show of new work, opening at ZINC contemporary June 1 in a reception from 5-8pm at Zinc Contemporary, 119 Prefontaine Pl S.

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