proKoplin Del Rio’s fifth solo exhibition by Einar and Jamex de la Torre, “Borders and Other Imaginary Fractals” opens from 6-8pm tonight at the Prographica/KDR Gallery, 313 Occidental Avenue S. The multiplicity of voices in the de la Torre Brothers’ work begins with their Mexican background, a combination of the Native Mexican, Spanish and Aztec ancestry, resulting in a rich Mestizo hybrid. The works featured in the current exhibition include new hand-blown glass works from their recent artist residency at the Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA. Recognizable imagery with technically masterful glass elements, depicting various Mayan, Aztec and religious iconography is juxtaposed with historic icons embossed  with scores of trinkets and objects scoured from dollar stores around the world. Image: The Flaunting of Youth

travergThe Stonington Gallery, 125 S. Jackson Street opens from 6-8pm with Dan Friday’s “New Works in Glass.”  The Lummi glassblower is welcomed back to Stonington for his second solo show. Friday utilizes the medium of blown and hotsculpted glass to show reverence for his Lummi Nation heritage, and to honor specific Lummi artists who paved the way.Image: Hot-sculpted Glass Feathers by Dan Friday. Each sandblasted and pumiced